Dance Of the Dheva

Dheva is a blend of Theva and Deva, in essence they are the same.

Deva (Day-va) means "heavenly, divine, anything of excellence", and is also one of the terms for a deity in Hinduism

Deva in Buddhism is one of many different types of non-human beings who share the characteristics of being more powerful, longer-lived, and, in general, much happier than humans, although none of them are worthy of worship.

A Deva in the New Age movement refers to any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature.


In Vedic literature, Deva is not a monotheistic God, rather a "supernatural, divine" concept manifesting in various ideas and knowledge, in a form that combine excellence in some aspects, wrestling with weakness and questions in other aspects, heroic in their outlook and actions, yet tied up with emotions and desires.

"heavenly, divine, terrestrial things of high excellence, exalted, shining ones"

The higher sorts of deva shine with their own intrinsic luminosity

The dance was born 5 years ago out of a time of trouble and internal struggle, a time where a lot was demanded of me, a time where I needed to step up and face challenges. The dance brought me to my Dheva, to a higher way of being, I became clear and focused, determined and in tune with my truth.

The dance offers an opportunity to step into the Dheva within, to clear, purge and release all that does not serve you and shine the light that leads you to happiness. When you dance your truth regularly the Dheva does not need to prove, preach or compete, by being in your higher self you attract and inspire those around you.


On the floor we are a group of Dancing Dhevas, by raising the energy of the individual we raise the energy of the group, this transfers into our community of loved ones.